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Recognize about the benefits of sharing at the EGY- WASTE & RECYCLING Conference 

• Learn about Thermal and Non-thermal Waste Conversion Technologies

• Identify the future vision of Egypt as investors have become now see it as one of the best destinations for attracting foreign investment, which is the gate and pivot bases for companies entering into neighboring markets, especially the African market

• Methods of increasing Alternative Fuel and Energy Markets

• Learn about Waste conversion technology

• Sell More Goods And Services

• Increase Your Organization’s Exposure

• Excellent Networking Opportunities With Industry Leaders

• Outstanding Educational Sessions

• Save Time and Money by Learning from Trade Show Participants.

• Rather than Send Money to IRS, Invest in Your Own Education/Business Knowledge.

Registration Package:-

• 1 Continental Lunch
• 1 pass invitation to the exhibition
• Refreshment Breaks
• Conference Packets
• Admission to the conference:-

Until  After  
Registration Type  01/11/2014  01/11/2014
Private Sector   $250.00 $350.00
Govt. /Non-Profit $150.00      $200.00

Your REGESTERATION in the EG- Waste & Recycling conference will be confirmed by:-
1- Filling the above form and click on Register now after doing the paying process.

2- Paying the registration fee in our company account ( swift code: )
And then click confirm with sending copy of the Payment receipt.

Then we will send you the confirmation details and see you there.

Please Note that:
If you cannot attend, written notification must be received at least 10 working days prior to the conference. (Recovery of money is unacceptable for any reasons)You may either send a substitute if your request is received before April 15, 2015. In case of bad weather or travel cancellations/complications, the EG-Waste & Recycling Technology Conference will not issue.

Refunds for registrations, exhibits, sponsorships, event activities or any associated fees. If the conference is cancelled, the EGY-Waste &Recycling Technology Conference is not responsible for non-refundable travel fares or lodging.