Why Exhibit

EGY-Waste& Recycling Expo 2018 is waiting for you if you want to achieve goals in the aspect of waste Management, Recycling mechanisms, technology, machinery and tools.

EGY-Waste& Recycling Expo, the only exhibition in Egypt, Africa and Mena Region in her scope and the largest in its geographical zone, already has attracted also European Solution Providers, who see Egyptian Market as an important opportunity for new investments due to Egypt’s economic magnitude and the relations with the Countries of the Region.

EGY-Waste& Recycling Expo will have a highly average growth rate and the subject growth contributed to Environmental Technologies Sector with the Co-operations, equipment sells, new facility construction contacts and export agreements that have been finalized during the fair

There Are Many Reasons to Participate in EGY- Waste& Recycling Expo such as;

EGY-Waste& Recycling Expo is the ideal meeting point for suppliers (exhibitors) and buyers (visitors) and has been the venue where many domestic and intern

national investors sign new business partnerships.

EGY-Waste& Recycling Expo is The only international marketplace supported by the international community with exhibitors attending from such leading markets as Austria, China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Scandinavia & United States.

EGY-Waste& Recycling Expo hosts’ professional visitors not just from Egypt but many coming from Middle East, South Eastern Europe and North Africa representing the demand arising from the region.

EGY-Waste& Recycling Expo Have an access to the booming Egyptian Market with all aspects of Financial Wealth, Growing Economy, Growing Production and Growing Demand.

Moreover, enjoy Egyptian Market and Connections to reach the Neighboring Countries including Africa, Mena Region and Middle East Countries where you do Not have plenty alternatives to use.

There are many benefits to participate in EGY-Waste& Recycling Expo such as;

•Penetrate rapidly emerging markets in strategic locations quickly and efficiently
• Opportunity to network with government decision-makers, business leaders, investors and country delegations from around the world
•Meet face-to-face with your potential customers and get immediate feedback about your products.
•Keep ahead of competitors.
•Connect to new agents, associations, public and private sector professionals and partners for delivering a greater presence in EGYPT and Mena Regions, CIS Countries, Middle East and North Africa.
•An ideal place to meet members of various internationally-acclaimed supporting bodies and organizations.
•Renew business ties.
•Share best practices and expertise with national and multinational exhibitors.
•interact with peers during the exhibition days.
•Raise the visibility of your brand or company to serious buyers from the region.
• A search of effective solutions to increase sales and new opportunities for market expansion;
• An assurance that your company will keep the market positions. Having missed the trade fair without meeting constant and potential clients on your stand you can be sure they will be met by your competitor.
•Opportunity to share expertise in specialized seminars.
•Unrivalled access to promote your products and services to key environmental professionals and energy experts
• An opportunity for the best use of promotional budget – targeted work with a B2B client is much cheaper than large-scale advertising on TV, radio, street banners….ect.

So, seize the opportunity to Take Your Place In the Challenging & VIRGIN NEW MARKET and

Be one of the EGY - Waste& Recycling Expo 2018 Exhibitors

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