What's at the EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo in 2018?

We are in the age of cutting budgets and reducing travel costs. But there are distinct advantages to attending a tradeshow. So if you need help convincing your boss that you should attend EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo, here are some tips and facts to help you make your case.

Only at EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo 2018  you take the chance to:

• Meet face to face with over 100 commercial suppliers.

(There is simply no replacement for the power of face-to-face meetings).

Research shows that face-to-face meetings are an important part of our culture.
• 95% see face-to-face meetings as the key to success for long-term relationships.
• 89% considered meetings essential for “sealing the deal.”
• 82% say meetings are most effective for negotiating important contracts.

Source: Harvard Business Review
• Network with opinion leaders and industry peers
• Learn about the latest products, trends and services

In addition, get high quality education and training at half the price of other seminar programs. So, when you consider how much you can get done in a day or simply a few hours, attending EGY -Waste & Recycling Expo is an extremely cost-effective option to enable you to save your company/agency money or help them make more money.

Exhibitions provide the unmatched opportunity for you see and touch products from hundreds of vendors at once and the only place for you meet with direct representatives as well as get instant feedback from your peers.

What's at the EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo in 2018?

• International Pavilions to waste &recycling manegment, machinery, technology and tools.
 The event contains:-
• The latest technology in this aspect.
• Recycling machines &tools.
E-Waste Pavilion
Innovation Awards
2 day seminar program
• Networking Events
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