How to Exhibit Successfully

There are 8 Sneaky Ways to Attract People to your Exhibition Stand :-

1- You have to decide the area or location that you want to book it from the event floor plan which depends on what you aim to achieve and its value to your business.
2- Appoint a show manager Depending on the size of your company and scale of your Exhibit; this could be you or another staff member.

Your Show Manager Must:

Understand your show objectives; be thorough; and Work well with people.
3-Set a budget, how much you decide to spend depends on what you aim to achieve and its value to
Your business; When you’re assessing, what the show might be worth, don’t forget to allow
For future Sales and brand awareness if applicable. Many exhibitors find the value of their show participation is reflected in sales.

Take care; this is not a solo sport!

When you’re setting objectives and planning your stand, involve your sales team, marketing people and everyone else involved – it will help them feel part of the event and motivate them. (Advice).

4- Select a decorations company to responsible on your pavilion and then fix the type
     Of the decoration that you want which is must suite your needs.
    - Prepare your company publications to display it on Visitors, partners during the event hours.

5- Select one of the shipping companies to be able to deliver any of the equipment that you want
    To Display it in your pavilion.

 6  - Folk to rid visas, booking airline tickets to your company stuff before traveling to ensure access
     Within the time limit Specified.

7- For months or longer afterwards. Use the Budget Checklist.

       - Point, what are your objectives?

      - What do you want out of the show? Your objectives should

      - Be precise and specific to your business – and, of course, you can have

      More than one.

8- Before the show (Continued)

Prepare your reports


Market Research Objectives           YES  NO  MAYBE  Details

Generate sales leadsTest your marketing/sales

                                     Generate 200 sales leads                                                             

Objective checklist:

Sales Objectives                                        YES  NO  MAYBE  Details

Generate sales leads
Make direct sales
Build a contact database
Launch new products or services
Use offers to drive customers to                                                                                         
Retail outlets


                                                                                                                                      yes       No    MAYBE      Details                                  

Build relationships with current


Up-sell customers

Cross-sell customers
Educate customers
Reactivate lapsed customers
Market Research Objectives                       YES  NO  MAYBE  Details

Test a new product
Test your marketing/sales
Assess consumer awareness
Discover consumer perceptions                                                                                               
Trial new products and/or variants



Brand BuildingObjectives                         YES  NO  MAYBE  Details

Communicate by demonstrating
Create market awareness                                                                                                       
Strengthen or change existing               
Position or re-position your brand
Open new markets



Media/PR                                             YES      NO       MAYBE   Details

Get ‘discovered’ by the media
Generate media coverage                                                                                                       


ChannelObjectives                                 YES      NO       MAYBE   Details

Identify and recruit new                                                                                                           
Distribution partners


Before the show (continued)

Using the objectives checklist

You can circulate a copy of this list to each of your
participating people and ask them to fill in the boxes,
then consolidate the results.
Once you’ve decided what you’re going to focus on
and the results you want to achieve, put it in a sentence.
You should end up with something like this:
Generate 200 sales leads: 120 from retailers                                            
and 80 from manufacturers.
Achieve: 50 one-on-one meetings with key accounts.
Identify: 20 new distributors


Create the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
that will get visitors to stop at your stand.

You may want to achieve 80 sales leads at the show
but how are you going to attract people to your stand?
Think about your product or service. You may already have
a USP that you use in other communications, but a show
gives you new possibilities that something like a print ad
can’t deliver. Remember a visitor is interested in
“what’s in it for me” so focus on benefits.
Look for the ‘news’ angle. If you have a new product,
new flavour – or even a special price or deal for the show
– say so. Don’t just pitch products, pitch solutions that will
create opportunities and deliver value for a visitor.
If your product or service will increase margins by 15% or
save 10% on production costs, say so. Everyone is interested
in solving problems, reducing costs, improving results and
getting more value.