A Perfect Venue to Host EGY-WASTE & RECYCLING EXPO 2017 , Where Investment            

 Opportunities Exists……….

And Where Exhibitions Industry is a major part in the Engine of Growth………..

Egypt is located in the center of the Middle East, and is considered as the trading hub between the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world so; it is really the pulsating heart of any industry in the Middle East.
Geography, population, history, military strength, and diplomatic expertise give Egypt extensive political and economic influence in the Middle East. Cairo has been always the crossroad of Arab-African and international commerce and culture which making it good example for any neighbor countries to follow it.
After the 25th of January & 30th of July revolutions, Egypt’s economy is expected to witness massive growth and the country is expected to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world because it got rid of all restrictions and become more open-minded to all countries of the world. This growth will create a major industrial boom, as Egypt is considered as one of the hottest business spots in the Middle East and Africa. The country’s potential is widely recognized.
Moreover, although Egypt’s economy is already booming there is a confidence among many familiar with the region that the country’s economy is still only in second gear and its real potential is still yet to be seen.

EGYPT’S Success Pillars:

• The reduction of customs duties has opened Egypt’s markets to more foreign trade and stimulated domestic producers.
• Business procedures have been streamlined.
• Corporate and personal taxes have been cut dramatically and now are lower than in most countries.
• State assets in all sectors of business are being transferred the private sector.
• The cost of doing business in Egypt is extremely favorable, particularly labor and land costs.
• Companies are being restructured.
• Electricity and gas are priced extremely competitively.
• The movement of goods is being speeded up with an improved transport system.
• The ports are being modernized.

Egypt’s population exceeded 92 million, a huge market with different stages of development, where the cultural, social, dynamic forces and change of market needs can generate profitable business to both local and foreign companies ready to take the initiative, and explore new methods for making profit.
Equally important, Egypt is the good market with an exceptionally growing population with needs to fulfill, and different life styles, where the average consumption is one of the highest anywhere. A growing market with a trend of change and innovation, and this trend is gaining more momentum.
So, if you want to penetrate the Middle East investment gate you have to start from here…….in Egypt
Which is the Real Gate for Africa and Mena Region.



Twenty three nations comprise the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] region, whose magnitude covers the Middle East, Arabian Gulf and North Africa. MENA Is Much more Than a Regional Group , It’s a force that works together to Optimize peace, economic growth and prosperity. the world Is starting to invade MENA as a strategic and prospective Arena for investments and co-operation that will flourish and Enlarge the sold regional economy.

Multinational entrepreneurs and corporate executives are seeking for access to this enormous market, which have a Rapid urban development and increasing stability presents appealing opportunities for international investments.

The MENA region has a tremendous potential market within The next decade,

MENA's population is projected to Supersede that of the european union by 20% 

(Growing at a rate of 3% vs.

0.8% of EU).

The Market of More Than 400 Million Consumers Is

Projected to Double in Size in approximately 15 years, while the European Union Markets Are Expected to Double in Approximately 83 years.

 Egypt Market

As an important country playing a major role in the MENA region, EGYPT has positioned itself to occupy a fundamental place in the global economy. the trade liberalization, exports promotion and foreign direct investment [FDI] as well as international development are the corner stone for enhancing Egypt’s


Egypt is the biggest country in Africa and Middle East region in terms of area and population, which was 77.5 million in 2006, then jumped to 92 million people in 2016. The urban populations are 62.25 million, or about 75% of the total number of the population.

Multinational entrepreneurs and corporate executives are seeking for access to this enormous market, whose have a rapid urban development with great opportunities for international investments.

Waste & Recycling Chances In Egypt 

EGYPT is one of the most promising and virgin market in the field of recycling & alternative energy projects. researchers estimated that the value of investment in that field will provide about 25 billion dollars annually, the value of selling price for cans scrap ton is estimates with 1000 $ while the carton tons estimated at 300$

According to world bank data, solid waste management cost in Egypt annually, ranging between 32.4 and 37.3 million dollars.