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If you're looking to reach key buyers and decision makers representing the private sector, public sector, municipalities and waste generators, waste processors, dealers, distributors, and all other segments of the industry, then EGY-Waste &Recycling Expo is the rightevent you need to exhibit at!

EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo is the only event for the process of Waste & Recycling Management, Waste collection, Waste treatment (thermal,biological, mechanical),Medical waste treatment, Hazardous Waste, Landfill management and its operations, Recycling machinery, Technology and Tools , Professional Services,Energy from Waste, Handling & Logistics. Representing companies in different sectors as follows:-

Recycling Equipment for (Plastic, Paper, Metal, Glass, Wood, Electrical & Electronic Waste, Textile, Battery, End of Life Vehicles and Construction waste) Incineration plants for solid and hazardous waste
Washing, drying and separation equipment Thermal, biological, medical and mechanical treatment
Shredding, pressing, briquette making equipment Landfilling equipment & Measurement systems
Waste management processes Recycling systems, technologies, plants
Raw Materials, semi-products and marketable products produced from recycling Waste Collection Units

Agriculture waste recycling equipment, machines & tools
Composting equipment Composting systems & technologies

RDF Yard wastes
Intractable wastes (plastic film, non-recyclable packaging materials) Plastic containers
Food wastes Product packaging materials
Market wastes Composite waste (clothing and plastics)

Crushing equipment
Collecting equipment

Equipment & tools
Wood pallets
Biogas Technology and Equipment
Biodiesel Technology and Equipment

Solar energy technology and equipment (solar panels) Thermal Treatment Technology and Equipment
Wind energy (turbines to capture moving air for energy) Isolation Materials and Application
Hydropower (harnessing moving water to create power) Cogeneration Systems
Geothermal energy (converting the heat created deep in the Earth to energy, decomposing equipment) Compactors
Geothermal Energy Technology and Equipment

Truck Mounted Vehicles, Loaders and its equipment Paper & Cardboard Recycling Machinery & Equipment
Excavators and Crushers, Shredders Metals Recycling Machinery & Equipment
Compactors, Hydraulic Components Picking Stations/ Waste Sorting Plants
Loading and Stacking Vehicles, Storage & containers Polystyrene Recycling Machinery & Equipment
Alligator Shears Rein bold Briquetters / Briquette Presses & Shredders
Baler Shears Recycling Equipment & Companies
Briquetters / Briquette Presses Screens
Cable Recycling Equipment Shears / Guillotines
Conveyors Skip Trucks
Cutters & Saws Skips & Bins
Dosage Systems Storage and Transport Containers
Dust Extraction/ Suppression & Equipment Tin and Alloy Can Recycling Machinery &Equipment
Glass Recycling Machinery & Equipment Tires & Trailers, Balers, Brakes
Green Waste Recycling Plant & Machinery Transportation Management Logistics
Hammer Mills Trailers
High Pressure Vacuum Equipment / Vehicles Trommels
High Pressure Cleaners Tyre Recycling Machinery & Equipment
Hydraulic Transport and Freight Platforms Water Recycling Plant, Machinery & Equipment
KYOTO Recycling Machinery & Equipment WEEE Recycling Machinery & Equipment
Materials Handling Machinery & Equipment Weighbridges
Measurement and Weighing Equipment Wood / Timber Recycling Plant & Machinery

Advanced Treatment of Waste Water Equipment For Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants
Reuse of Water Reuse of Sludge
Process Water Recycling Stabilization and Sterilization of Sludge
Recycling of Valuable Materials from Waste Water Sludge Incineration
Technologies for Sludge Minimization Membranes and Membrane Technologies Sludge Digestion Systems
Ion Exchange Resins and Technologies Centrifuges, Separators, Band presses, Filter Presses, Dryers
UV Oxidation and Disinfection Stepped multiple hearth incinerators
Ozone Systems Fluidized bed incinerators
Active Carbon and Other Adsorption Materials and Technologies Sludge drying beds
Nozzle and Diffuser Systems Belt Filter press
Package Type Biological Treatment

Waste Gas Treatment (Treatment Chemical , Treatment Equipment (PFC removal equipment by Chemical Capture System, PFC removal equipment by Catalytic Decomposition System, Dry-etching gas removal equipment) Pressure leaching equipment
Reuse of Waste Gas Pressure release equipment
Odor Control Equipment Washers
Filtration equipment Gas cleaning technologies
Crystallization equipment Ceramic bed
Heat exchangers Bio-filters
Grinding equipment Trickling filters
Mixers Fluidized bed Bio-scrubbers

Equipment Canal Cleaning
Chemicals and Detergents Street Cleaning Vehicles and Equipment
Cleaning Companies Winter Road Maintenance Vehicles and Services

City Planners
Facility Management companies

Analysis and Laboratory Techniques
Automation Processes
On-line Processes
Measurement Techniques & Devices
Analyzing Devices & Systems

Computer Hardware & Software

Alarm and Warning Systems Hazardous waste management
Protective Clothing Bio Medical & Biodegradable waste management
Gas Detectors Refuse Truck Bodies and Chassi
Signs and Guidance Signs Safety Equipment
Risk Management Fleet Safety

Noise Reduction & Prevention Technology Isolation technologies
Air Pollution prevention reduction and control technologies Soil Pollution prevention technology, treatment and control technologies

Hazardous waste management (petrol, medical, industrial, etc….)

Consulting Organizations and evaluation processes Project Offices and Engineering Companies
Research Laboratories Management of Treatment Plants
Quality and Optimization Treatment and Optimization
Analyzing and research laboratories Separation and Processing
Waste storage and transport services Reuse and Treatment
Measurement and evaluation processes Marketing Secondary Raw Materials and Secondary Products
Plants Management Waste Stock Exchange
Environment Management and Eco-Audit

Financial auditing firms Financial consultants
Banks Legal firms
Funding organizations Legal consultants
Organizations providing international funding programs

Universities Trade Magazines
Research Institutions Research & Development
Data Banks Projects
Printed and Electronic Editions

Business Services
Wireless Communication
Treatment Storage Disposal Facility

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